Approaching a Member in Need: Peer Support in Action

Are you prepared to approach a colleague, friend or family member in need? Intervention can be challenging, especially when it’s someone you care about. In this webinar training, best practices for peer support and identifying a problem to a co-worker, friend, or loved one will be explored to equip attendees with the experience and confidence needed to support member-facing behavioral health challenges.

Estimated watch time: 1 hr 58 minutes


Molly Jones, LSW & Jeff Campbell, IAFF Master Peer Support Instructor and local 1660 Tualatin Valley member, will explore approaching members who have displayed “red flags”. The speakers will conduct a live role play to demonstrate a peer support approach, model different interactions, including that with a member who may be in denial, apathetic or resistant to the idea of seeking treatment or making a change in their lifestyle and provide practical examples that may foster positive outcomes for approaching a member in need of support.

Presented By:

Molly Jones, LSW is the Clinical Outreach Coordinator at the International Association of Fire Fighters Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery.

Jeff Campbell is a Lieutenant with Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue in Tualatin Valley, Oregon. Jeff is an IAFF Master Peer Support Instructor and the team lead for his local, state association (Oregon State Fire Fighters Council) and the IAFF’s 9th district peer support teams.