The Hidden Danger of On-the-Job Injuries

September 19, 2018

Firefighting is a physically demanding job. Because of the intensely physical (and often) dangerous nature of this work, thousands of fire fighters are injured on the job every year. In 2016 alone, the National Fire Protection Association reported 62,085 fire fighter injuries. In many of these cases, fire fighters must receive medical care for these […]

Why Professional PTSD Treatment Works

September 17, 2018

If you struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you know that this condition can impact nearly every aspect of your life. However, even if you desperately want relief, you may have reservations about seeking professional treatment. Maybe you worry that it’ll require too much time or money. You might even secretly believe that you’re beyond […]

How to Tell Your Kids You Are Going to Rehab

September 14, 2018

You’ve made the decision to seek residential treatment for your drug, alcohol or behavioral health problem, but you’re reluctant to tell your children. However, not being honest with your children about going or rehab is something most parents later regret. For more on this subject, see Telling Your Kids the Truth. While the conversation will […]

Telling Your Kids the Truth (About Your Addiction)

September 12, 2018

As a fire fighter or EMT, it’s your job to help others. But when you need help for an alcohol or drug problem, asking for it doesn’t come easy. And telling your kids you need help may seem downright impossible. Many children of fire fighters idealize their parents as invincible heroes. The pressure to uphold […]

Treating Invisible Wounds: Helping Each Other Manage Trauma

August 31, 2018

Responding to a difficult call can affect you emotionally, long after the crises are under control. Some seasoned fire fighters have seen first-hand how occupational stress can lead to serious problems, including excessive alcohol and substance misuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even suicide. But a proactive approach to reducing stress can help. While support groups […]


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