Opioid Addiction, Treatment and One Fire Fighter’s Journey

This webinar will provide fire service personnel and loved ones a fresh perspective on today’s opioid epidemic, which has quietly raged on throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. While Fire and EMS personnel regularly witness the devastating community impact of opioid use disorder, some members struggle in silence with their own addiction.

The webinar will explore opioid addiction as a disease, best practices in opioid addiction treatment, and unique treatment considerations for fire service personnel coping with this problem.

Estimated watch time: 1 hr 40 minutes

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Lauren Kosc, MA, LCPC is a Behavioral Health Specialist at the International Association of Fire Fighters. Lauren will be joined by Lieutenant Chris Goggin of Boston Fire Department IAFF local 718. Chris will share his personal journey of addiction and recovery, as well as his role in responding to opioid addiction on Boston’s front lines.