Benefits of a Treatment Center Designed for Fire Fighters

Author: IAFF Staff

May 16, 2018

In 2017, the IAFF Center of Excellence became the first rehabilitation facility exclusively for IAFF members to treat mental health disorders and addiction. One of the great attributes of the Center is that it is designed by fire fighters, for fighters.

Being a fire fighter in need of treatment for a substance use or mental health disorder can be challenging. But if that treatment is offered in a place that welcomes only men and women in your profession, it can make a world of difference. As an IAFF member treated at the IAFF Center of Excellence, several benefits will help you with a lifetime of recovery.

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Treatment Alongside Your Brothers and Sisters

Countless fire fighters think they’re alone in their struggles, and it’s this mindset that keeps many from seeking help. Perhaps you’re one of them. You might think that if you enroll in a standard rehab center, none of the other clients will be able to relate to you. “The only people who truly understand what I’m going through are other fire fighters.” Does this sound familiar?

It was this same perspective that led us to open the IAFF Center of Excellence. Members treated at the Center connect with other fire fighters and share stories to encourage and motivate each other during their journey, which can have a positive impact on overall treatment.

Another great benefit of this support system is that it doesn’t have to stop when your treatment ends. Many of our alumni maintain the friendships they developed during treatment, even after graduating from our Center.

Fire fighters surrounding a fire truck as they remove equipment

Familiar, Comfortable Surroundings

The Center features several touches that mimic those of a firehouse, including a firehouse-style kitchen that provides the sense of family you’re used to. It also includes a well-equipped gym to aid in physical and mental wellness. You’ll be treated like you belong, just as you would at the firehouse by your brothers and sisters. Being treated in this environment helps make you feel more at ease during your stay.

Although there’s no place like your “work home,” the Center offers amenities that are just as comfortable. Our 15-acre facility located just outside of Washington, D.C. is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, offering a picturesque view and setting to promote healing. It includes comfortable residential accommodations with 64 beds, as well as a swimming pool, volleyball court and basketball court.


Care for Multiple Disorders

Many fire fighters battle mental illnesses, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety. Others fight with addiction, and some deal with both (mental illness and addiction). At the Center, we understand that these conditions are increasingly common among fire fighters, whether they occur separately or simultaneously. As a dually licensed facility, we can treat most mental health and substance use disorders.

We understand the struggles that are specific to fire fighters, and we can help you get well. We’re equipped to treat a wide range of disorders, including drug and alcohol addiction, PTSD, gambling addiction and acute stress disorder.

To learn more about treatment at a facility designed specifically for fire fighters, call the IAFF Center of Excellence today. Our call center is always open, and there’s no obligation to enroll in treatment.

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