Community Education for Fire Fighters and First Responders

The IAFF Center of Excellence is committed to raising awareness and providing education about behavioral health matters that impact fire fighters, paramedics and dispatchers across the United States and Canada. Our community education webinar series is designed to engage and inform fire service members and treatment professionals alike on unique topics that impact this population. Please join us for an upcoming training to learn more.

Treating Fire Service Professionals: Building Cultural Competency for Clinicians

October 8, 12:00 pm EST

Led by Molly Jones, LSW

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The purpose of this training is to help clinicians and other community partners develop cultural competency in the fire service, as to be best equipped to provide effective behavioral health services to fire fighters, paramedics and emergency dispatchers.

The event will include information about day-to-day life at the fire house and the potential impact of aspects of the job on well-being (i.e. exposure to trauma, shift schedules, mental health stigmas). This presentation will provide insight in to the most “common” behavioral health issues experienced by fire service members, substance abuse trends among this unique population of professionals and treatment techniques that have proved successful at the International Association of Fire Fighters Center of Excellence. Completing this training will establish clinicians as “preferred providers” in the IAFF Center of Excellence database for aftercare referrals, as to provide a continuation of care for clients with providers who understand the intricacies of the fire service.

Addiction in the Fire Service: Training for Fire Fighters, Paramedics & Dispatchers

October 15, 12:00 pm EST

Led by Molly Jones, LSW

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The purpose of this event is to provide continuing education in behavioral health matters for fire service professionals. This presentation “Addiction in the Fire Service” will address various types of substance use disorders and addiction experienced among fire fighters, paramedics and dispatchers. This webinar will provide insight into signs and symptoms of substance abuse and addiction, as well as resources to find help for oneself or a peer.

This presentation is ideal for IAFF members, fire service leadership, peer support team members, chaplains, spouses and other individuals in a capacity to support first responders struggling with or in recovery from addiction or a substance use disorder. We will also address how the present pandemic has changed the dynamic of recovery and substance abuse trends in this unprecedented time.