Meet Your Dedicated Care Team

At the IAFF Center of Excellence, it’s our goal to deliver the highest quality of treatment possible. That’s why we’ve chosen senior staff with extensive experience and a commitment to care. During your treatment, you’ll form relationships with compassionate doctors, nurses and other clinicians who can help you on your way to recovery.

Dr. Abby Morris, Medical Director

A graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine, Dr. Abby Morris is a board-certified psychiatrist with diverse experience in community mental health, substance abuse, inpatient and private practice settings. She is responsible for all inpatient care, training and future operations planning. She develops the individualized plan of care that will follow each client throughout their stay at the Center. Previously, Dr. Abby Morris was the medical director of a 24-bed inpatient facility that treated addiction and behavioral health disorders.

Laura Clarke

Laura Clarke, Executive Director

Laura Clarke is the Senior Vice President of Operations for Advanced Recovery Systems. Laura is responsible for overseeing the successful management of each ARS treatment facility and recovery residence, always prioritizing quality patient care, above all else. Laura has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry and has worked with hundreds of medical and clinical providers across the country to maximize efficiency, productivity and satisfaction of clients.

Nanci Stockwell, Clinical Director

A dynamic leader and award-winning business strategist, Nanci Stockwell brings years of industry experience in behavioral health care to her role at Advanced Recovery Systems. As chief clinical and education officer, she develops and implements effective, evidence-based programs of care for several of Advanced Recovery Systems’ facilities nationwide. Her dedication to increased operational efficiency and customer engagement encourages new levels of corporate excellence focused on a comprehensive continuum of rehabilitative care.

Marissa Hall

Marissa Hall, Director of Nursing

Marisa Hall is the nursing director at the IAFF Center of Excellence, where she oversees patient care and staffing while serving as the facility risk manager. As a nurse, Marisa listens empathically, acts with compassion and serves with purpose. As a leader, she ensures that each member of her team goes above and beyond to connect, advocate and exemplify nursing standards of care. With more than 10 years of health care experience, Marisa extends her focus on healing and quality care by giving back to IAFF members who serve their local communities.

Myrrhanda Jones

Myrrhanda is a Community Outreach Director for the IAFF Center of Excellence. She delivers presentations to the membership, works closely with local departments to ensure their members can access the facility and advocates for members that face barriers. Learn more

Kelly Savage

Kelly is a Senior Community Outreach Coordinator for the IAFF Center of Excellence. She speaks to IAFF members across North America about the prioritization of behavioral health issues and the services available to them at the Center of Excellence. Learn more.

Molly Jones

Molly is a Licensed Social Worker and the new Clinical Outreach Coordinator for the IAFF Center of Excellence. She has past experience providing therapeutic behavioral health services to first responders in a clinical and psychiatric setting and is excited about the opportunity to work with the IAFF. Learn more.

Nancy Zimmerman

Nancy Zimmerman is a Community Outreach Specialist for the IAFF Center of Excellence. She reaches out to local departments throughout the country to spread awareness about the center and helps leaders verify insurance benefits. Learn more.

Joe Sawyer

Joe Sawyer is the Alumni Outreach Coordinator for the IAFF Center of Excellence. He is a member of IAFF Local 4350, a U.S. Army Veteran and a Center of Excellence alum. Joe speaks with program alumni to ensure their continued success and is available to prospective clients to answer questions about life at the Center of Excellence. Learn more.

Richard Gallegos

Richard Gallegos is the Lead Admissions Coordinator for the IAFF Center of Excellence. After working in emergency services for 10 years, he understands the complex issues fire service personnel face, and has helped nearly 1,000 members through the admissions process since the facility opened. Learn more.

Cole Jaczko

Cole Jaczko is a IAFF Center of Excellence Admissions Coordinator. As a former paramedic, Cole uses the wisdom gained from his own struggles to help other first responders get the help they need. Learn more.

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