Meet Your Dedicated Care Team

At the IAFF Center of Excellence, it’s our goal to deliver the highest quality of treatment possible. That’s why we’ve chosen senior staff with extensive experience and a commitment to care. During your treatment, you’ll form relationships with compassionate doctors, nurses and other clinicians who can help you on your way to recovery.

Tim Craig, Operations Director

Tim Craig is an administrator and consultant with 30+ years of experience in healthcare and human services. He has an extensive and varied background in behavioral health, with a focus on individuals with substance use disorders. He has served as the director of several treatment programs, and as an administrator within multiple health systems. Tim Craig received his undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame, and a Masters in Social Work and a Certificate in Social Administration from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Dr. Abby Morris, Medical Director

A graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine, Dr. Abby Morris is a board-certified psychiatrist with diverse experience in community mental health, substance abuse, inpatient and private practice settings. She is responsible for all inpatient care, training and future operations planning. She develops the individualized plan of care that will follow each client throughout their stay at the Center. Previous to her appointment to the IAFF Center of Excellence, Dr. Abby Morris was the medical director of a 24-bed inpatient facility that treated addiction and behavioral health disorders.

Carol Ivy Simmons, PhD, LCSW-C, Clinical Director

At the IAFF Center of Excellence, Dr. Simmons oversees all clinical operations, leading staff in providing the highest quality care to each IAFF member. Dr. Simmons has more than 20 years of behavioral health and health care experience at state and federal levels, including holding leadership roles at Ft. Meade and the Pentagon and serving as a Commander in the U.S. Public Health Services. Dr. Simmons makes it her mission to attain operational efficiency in an ever-evolving health care environment. With the utmost dedication to the principle of customer service, she continues to raise the bar on quality clinical care every day at the IAFF Center of Excellence.

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