Mental Health and Addiction Among Fire Fighters and Paramedics: Treating Unique Occupational Needs

Speaker: Dr. Abby Morris, Medical Director A graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine, Dr. Abby Morris is a board-certified psychiatrist with diverse experience in community mental health, substance abuse, inpatient and private practice settings. She is responsible for all inpatient care, training and future operations planning. She develops the individualized plan of care that will follow each client throughout their stay at the Center. Previous to her appointment to the IAFF Center of Excellence, Dr. Abby Morris was the medical director of a 24-bed inpatient facility that treated addiction and behavioral health disorders.      

Psychological Wellness and Survival in Fire Service

Speaker: Tiffany Kline, RN, COHN Tiffany Kline has been working with first responders for more than 20 years. As the Occupational Health Nurse Supervisor for Tampa Fire Rescue, Kline is one of Tampa Bay’s foremost experts on the health and safety of first responders. In 2001, she spearheaded the launch of the Occupational Health Program for Tampa Fire Rescue, whose program is viewed as the nation’s model for best practices. Kline has served as a television host for Tampa Health New and a contributing writer to both national and local publications. In addition to her role as Occupational Health Nurse Supervisor, Kline serves as Tampa Fire Rescue’s liaison to the Tampa Bay Regional Incident Team. Additionally, she has served as President of the Florida West Coast Association of Occupational Health Nurses and on the Board of Directors for the Florida Association of Occupational Health Nurses.