How to Ask for Help for Yourself or a Friend

October 27, 2017

A drug or alcohol addiction can make you feel isolated, helpless and even guilty. Sometimes, it’s all you can do to get through the day without letting it slip that you’re in deep waters. At the IAFF Center of Excellence, we understand how you’re feeling. You’re likely stressed, uncertain and hesitant to reach out at […]

5 Myths About Behavioral Health Treatment Debunked

October 26, 2017

An estimated 23 percent of American fire fighters experience a behavioral health problem in any given year, yet roughly half never seek treatment. But why? These widely believed myths are preventing our brothers and sisters in the fire service from getting the help they need:   Myth: “Asking for help means I’m weak.”   Fact: […]

How to Help an IAFF Member Struggling with PTSD or Addiction

October 24, 2017

Fire fighters and paramedics are some of strongest, most dedicated people around. Whether you have a friend, family member, loved one or colleague who is an IAFF member, you know how resilient, passionate and hardworking these men and women are. But you may also know how challenging their job can be and may witness firsthand […]

Practical Help for PTSD

October 19, 2017

Being a fire fighter or paramedic is hard work — not just physically, but emotionally as well. When you carry the weight of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), perhaps compounded by a substance use disorder, it can feel like you’re fighting much more than fire. Over time, these issues can become unbearable, but you don’t have […]

How to Talk to a Coworker With PTSD

October 18, 2017

As a fire fighter or first responder, you’re trained to handle traumatic situations on a daily basis, but not the aftereffects they have on your mental health. Constantly witnessing tragedies leaves nearly 20 percent of American fire fighters with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a condition that contributes to the high rate of suicide among fire […]


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