Introduction to Fire Fighter Behavioral Health: Enhancing your Knowledge

As we begin a new year, the IAFF Center of Excellence team will provide insight on the most common behavioral health challenges experienced by fire service members. Topics will include post traumatic stress, substance use disorder, depression and anxiety and highlight warning signs, symptoms and the types of treatments considered most effective in managing these issues.

Estimated watch time: 1 hr 56 minutes

Presenter & Webinar Info:

This webinar will be hosted by IAFF COE Clinical Outreach Coordinator, Molly Jones, LSW. Through review of real-life case studies, attendees will have the opportunity to evaluate their awareness and understanding of behavioral health and learn more about every day stressors that can lead to interpersonal issues, maladaptive coping and a decline in day-to-day functioning.

Participation in this webinar will prepare attendees for future behavioral health webinars and help them to navigate conversations focused on mental health, substance use and trauma recovery with peers, family members and treatment providers.