Overview of 2020 Education and What’s to Come in 2021

As we move towards a new year, the IAFF Center of Excellence team will highlight behavioral health education offered in 2020 and review key takeaways from training on several topics.

Estimated watch time: 1 hr 38 minutes

Presenter & Webinar Info:

This webinar will be hosted by IAFF COE Clinical Outreach Coordinator, Molly Jones, LSW. This webinar will review the most common behavioral health challenges experienced by fire service members such as post-traumatic stress, substance use disorder, depression, and anxiety, highlighting warning signs to look for and the types of treatments considered most effective in managing these issues.

Best practices in work life balance and stress reduction will also be covered, with discussion of strategies offered by professional fire service members and IAFF leaders in their own lives. We will discuss the role of peer support in the fire service and how colleagues, union leadership, family members, and friends can best support fire service members in pursuit of behavioral health treatment or resources.

Lastly, in preparation for 2021, we will highlight future training opportunities and further behavioral health education initiatives for fire service members.